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Soma Nova Builds Music

Picked up the pieces after the oh, so unbelievably positive response to the last issue’s annual “Hot Woman of Local Rock ‘n’ Roll” column and would just like to address a couple of questions that were raised on the internet.

The female artists were chosen from prominent bands playing original rock ‘n’ roll in local clubs.  I made decisions based on talent and tried to include artists from different genres under the loose umbrella that is rock ‘n’ roll.


Every year, I choose artists whose music that I genuinely respect and like. The “Hot Women (or Hot Chicks as the cover said)”  tag is used to celebrate local female musicians that has run annually for at least the last 5 years in the issue before Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it — rock ‘n’ roll and sexuality have always been intertwined since the beginning. A strong, talented woman rocking out on stage is something that is generally considered very sexy.

The other misconception is that coverage is done on a favoritism basis to certain artists, while others get ignored. At the end of this and every column it says to “email music news to …” The people that play some form of rock ‘n’ roll and follow those instructions, generally find that their endeavors covered.

I’m not even that picky about how the information gets sent. I get random Facebook messages, phone calls, and text messages from people I’ve never met. I always try to accommodate whenever possible, but email is the easiest way to track everything.  Maybe not every time, sometimes I get the requests late, am already full on a topic assigned to me, and sometimes through human error get overlooked. If I miss something though, I usually do make a point to make up for it if information continues to get forwarded.

That said my old email address was recently hijacked by internet pirates, so please note the new email address to send things to is  Apologies to anyone that sent stuff to the old email address for this column, I don’t have access to it.  Now without further adieu, let’s go into part 2 of the” Hot Chicks of Local Rock”… just kidding, that would be too 2011, next year.

Soma Nova (self-titled) 75orLessRecords

My first impression of seeing Soma Nova live was that they were a pretty much average bar band, nothing special and a little boring. Then a funny thing happened, the longer their set went, the more I became enamored. Initial impression of unremarkable shifted to having an interesting ’70s Dylan vibe. I found myself hanging on every note.  Soma Nova’s self-titled debut works the same way where the opening track, ”All This Time,” is boring both melodically and lyrically. Waiting for something to happen in this tune proved as fruitful as counting on the Congress and the President to fix the economy. Then, like their live set, with each song Soma Nova sounded stronger and more concise. By the time I got to the 6th track, “Hope’s Lament,” I was ready to christen it Song of the Year. And yes, I know, it is only February, but the song is the total package lyrically with a killer hook and a sing-a-long chorus. The Song of the Year sentiment was short lived thought as the nugget “Lonely Street” may be even better!  The song “72 Stones” lives up to its name with an Exile like slide guitar lead. “Take a Look Around” is another winner with a breezing but enchanting feel.  All in all, Soma Nova’s debut is a damn solid piece of work and I’m excited to see where they go from here!

Soma Nova and Castle will be kicking out the jams at Billy Goode’s Tavern inNewporton February 25th.


2012 RI Music

Hall of Fame Concert

The bid to get a Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame continues with theHopeArtisteVillageinPawtucketas the proposed site.  These things generally take awhile as there were Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame concerts for at least a good decade before the international one was built inCleveland.  Here’s hoping that it doesn’t take that long for theRhode Islandto find a home.  The 2012 Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame Concert features performance by a couple of local legends in Roomful of Blues and John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band.  The inductees this year are John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band, Roomful of Blues, Dave McKenna, Eileen Farrell, Oliver Shaw, Ken Lyon, Anders & Poncia, and Gerry Granahan.  This is a great night to celebrate and learn about the history of local rock ‘n’ roll with some kick ass music to boot!

2012 Rhode Island Hall of Fame Concert featuring Roomful of Blues & John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band goes down at the Met Café on February 26th.


The Toasters Free Show

The Toasters come to town on a tour celebrating their 31th anniversary. The Toasters are a skankin’ tour-de-force, responsible for gems like “Ska Killers,” “2Tone Army,” and “New York Fever.” I used to catch them a lot at Club Babyhead when it seemed like they had to be a neverending tour with Murphy’s Law. I remember those shows harnessing and unleashing all the positive energy that ska when done right, has to offer. Those were always sweaty nights from the energy and licks being thrown out by the bands to the dancing mobs hanging on every note. The influence of The Toasters played a major role in ushering in the third wave of ska in the late ’90s. Like too many pioneers, The Toasters didn’t get the airplay and record sales that the generation after them reaped. Still money for a good time, The Toasters are still going as strong as ever as anybody that caught them last year at Club Hell can attest.

The Toasters, Senior Discount, Short Handed Goal  rock the Pvd Social Club on Sunday, Feb 26th.  The show will start at 6PM. Free for 21+ and $5 for 18+


Spits @ The Met

Hailing fromPortland,Oregon, The Spits are like a fuzz ridden punk rock locomotive.  Listening to some of their tunes, I get an image in my head of The Spits as futuristic robots tying to take over humanity with three chords.  I may be a little disappointed if The Spits aren’t actually robots. The Spits are making a rareRhode Islandappearance that fans of twisted punk rock won’t want to miss. As a bonus, the local support on this bill is top notch between the ’60s garage rock heavy hitters, the Fabulous Itchies, and Buzzcock-style punk rock of The Sleazies. Leap year only comes around once every four years so you have to live it up! The Spits are all about living it up!

The Spits, TV Ghost, The Fabulous Itchies, and The Sleazies rock the Met Café inPawtucketon February 29th.


Odds & Sods:

A Troop of Echoes, Panther Moderns, and Morgan Ross play the Met Café on February 16th. Betrayed By Prophecy rock KC’s Tap inPawtucketon February 16th.  POW Camp, Olneyville Sound System, Lolita Black, Lowlife, and Pruf are at Firehouse 13 on February 16th.  The Throttles rock the Speakeasy of Local 121 on February 17th.  General Assembly presents Ghost Thrower, I Hate Our Freedom, She Rides, and All Eyes West are at Fete on February 17th.  Jeff Bujak, Spogga, and The Hornitz are at the Spot Underground on February 17th.  Ty Jesso’s Soul Power goes down at Local 121 on February 18th.  There is a KARP Lives documentary screening with performances by Tinsel Teeth, Idiot Vehicle, and Party Pigs at AS220 on February 19th. General Assembly presents a free show with This is a Movement, Seven Year Plan, and OC45 at Fete on February 21st.  All For Blood and Dekrepid are at KC’s Tap on February 23rd.  Moga, Mighty Good Boys, and The Sugar Honey Iced Tea are at Local 121 on February 24th. Mattera, The Can’t Nots, Fall & Bounce, and Vagora are at Firehouse 13 on February 24th.  Local hard rockers Pistol Shot Gypsy, Stealing Gadsby, Echoes of Petra, and Superlimit play the Met Café on February 25th.  Tony Jones & The Cretin 3 throw down some punk rock at Firehouse 13 on February 25th.  Fete has a big show on February 25th with Cowboy Junkies. Famous Winters, Oranjuly, and Ravi Shavi throw down at Local 121 on February 25th.  My monthly DJ night, Daughters of Satan Christian Dance Party, gets the party started at Local 121 on February 26th.  I’ll be kicking off the music around 1030PM playing everything from Motown, Motorhead, and plenty of local stuff too! This month’s theme is hot women of rock ‘n’ roll and the event is always free in the Tap Room. Dying Fetus are at the Pvd Social Club on February 28th.  The Continental featuring Rick Barton (ex-Dropkick Murphys) are at the Pvd Social Club March 2nd.  Irish rockers Black 47 make their annual return to the area at the Knickerbocker inWesterlyon March 2nd.  Black 47 had a huge hit in the ’90s with the infectious Celtic anthem “Funky Ceili (Birdie’s Song)” and are sure to get you properly amped for St. Paddy’s Day. Chevelle hit the big stage in town at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel on March 2nd.  WBRU Rock Hunt kicks off at the Spot Underground on March 2nd.  The music starts at8PM.Boo City is trying to raise money to get toAustinfor the SXSW and will be doing a fundraising concert at Fete on March 2.  You can also pledge your support online at


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