Stock Culinary Goods: Food lovers, feel free to salivate!

When Motif caught up with Jan Faust Dane, owner of Stock Culinary Goods on Hope Street in Providence, she didn’t jump to sell us on some of her top-of-the-line wares, like handmade Forge to Table Knives, Andiamo Presentation Boards crafted in Warren, or Michelle Phaneuf’s teeny bowls, which feature little Rhode Island motifs such as the Superman Building and the Manchester Street Power Station. Instead, she talked more about the experience people have when they hang out at a party. 

“So often, parties end up in the kitchen.” Dane said. “I wanted the store to have that same feeling: convivial, and sociable.” 

Since 2012, Stock has become just what she envisioned. “There are no average customers here. We have little kids getting milk, aspiring Johnson & Wales chefs, neighborhood regulars and gift buyers.” 

The store has an approachable air, so that both casual enjoyers of food and kitchen experts can feel at home. It’s also a place of congregation, where Dane has the pleasure of introducing many of her friends, vendors and customers to each other. 

From eclectic spices to RI-sourced gifts, from cookware and cookbooks to coffee paraphernalia and bakeware, if you or someone you love enjoys the experience of eating, Stock has something for them. “It’s like your neighborhood kitchen store,” Dane said, her smile wide. “We have all kinds of great gifts for the lovers of food in your life.” 

Stock Culinary Goods is located at 756 Hope Street, PVD.