Stoner Stocking Stuffers: Pot-entially excellent gifts

Getting gifts for the cannabis lover in your life can be quite an undertaking. With an ever-growing list of options and the average stoner’s taste becoming more sophisticated, you can easily rack your brain trying to nail down the perfect gift. Thankfully, I’ve done a lot of the legwork for you and narrowed down some of the best items for anyone who enjoys cannabis.

For the Classic Smoker:

Flower is probably the product we all know the best, but can often be the hardest to decide on. If you’re looking for something with a little more pep, look out for White Nightmare, a sativa-hybrid from Cultivate in MA. The name might sound intimidating, but it delivers that classic head-high without leaving you too dazed. You can find this strain at Cultivate’s own dispensaries scattered throughout the state or at many of the other dispensaries. (I originally found these guys at Apotho Therapeautics in Plainville, but I’ve seen it at several other locations).

Now if you’re like me, and prefer a more relaxed sensation from your flower, you have to check out the Member Berry indica-hybrid strain. The best part about this strain is that it’s grown by several different growers throughout RI and MA, and they all deliver that euphoric sensation that’s perfect to help prep for bed or relax before a long movie. 

If the person you’re buying for is always looking for something new, check out the slew of new strains coming out at Greenleaf in Portsmouth (medical only). These include Layer Cake (hybrid), Mr Clean (sativa-hybrid), Purple Drank Breath (indica dom), Tangie & Cream (sativa dom). Each of these unique hybrids deliver pungent terpenes with a smooth smoke. No matter which one you pick, it’s sure to be fresh and full of flavor.

For the One who likes to “Eat Green:”

I’ve always been a lover of edibles, and I appreciate seeing new brands become available. For the chocaholic in your life, grab a delicious laced-candybar from Incredibles. They have a ton of different flavors, such as the “Peanut Buddha Bar” and the “Bay State Bar,” and every one is packed with flavor. At 100mg per bar, they’re easy to break up to get the perfect dosage.

If the person you’re gifting is into something a little more fruity, keep an eye out for Betty’s Eddies. These vegan taffies come in a variety of flavors, without the earthy aftertaste. My personal favorites are the lemon-flavored “Bedtime Betties,” which also contain melatonin to send you off to sweet dreams as you drift into blissful slumber.

For the Experienced User:

Cannabis extracts can be a little intense for some, but we’ve come a long way from seeing someone bust out a blow-torch at a frat party. If you’re able to visit a medical dispensary in Rhode Island, I highly recommend the array of concentrates made by Mammoth RI. From their Glue Cheese Live Rosin to their Scooby Snacks THC Diamonds, they deliver that heavy impact with robust flavors that are perfect for the cannabis lover who isn’t afraid to take it to the next level.

I must also give an honorable mention to Northeast Alternatives in Fall River for their wide selection of extracts, many which are made in-house. Between the great selection and knowledgeable staff, you’re sure to walk out with a great extract to give (and hopefully a little something for you).

For the Dabbler:

We all have someone in our lives that likes to dabble in the dank. They enjoy the occasional party puff or a gummy before a concert, and generally prefer a lighter touch when it comes to cannabis. For this particular giftee, you should definitely look for Cann Social Tonics. These 8oz canned tonics contain 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD giving you a balanced and relaxed sensation. They also come in several great flavors like Lemon-Lavender and Grapefruit-Rosemary.

Now if they’re someone who has a little more experience, but still prefers to only occasionally partake, you should definitely grab them some Howl’s Tincture. These tinctures make it easy to give yourself the perfectly measured dose, and they even categorize them by Daytime, Nighttime, and Anytime. It’s great for the person who likes a specific feeling at a specific time. They’re available at Summit Compassion Center in Warwick (for medical patients only) as well as many of the recreational dispensaries in Mass.

Greenleaf Compassion Center: 1637 W Main Rd, Portsmouth, RI 02871

Summit Medical Compassion Center: 380 Jefferson Blvd, Warwick, RI 02886

Cultivate: Locations in Leicester, Framingham, and Worcester

Apotho Therapeautics: 119 Washington St, Plainville, MA 02762

Northeast Alternatives: 999 William S Canning Blvd, Fall River, MA 02721