Subterranean Jungle

Iggy Pop — Every Loser (album)

So when a 75 year old releases an album where the first lyrics are “I’ve got a dick and two balls” – it’s a big red flag. But… This is Iggy Pop! So Every Loser has two Stooges-esque romps in “Frenzy” and “Modern Day Ripoff” and some fluff – okay, a lot of fluff. Part of the problem is that because he is Iggy Pop, he gets all-star musicians like Duff McKagan (Guns ‘N’ Roses), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), and more; but I don’t have access to the credits because I haven’t received the record I paid for two months ago. That many guests coming and going makes it harder to make a cohesive album. Iggy has been doing the all-star band thing since the late ‘70s with Bowie and his band. I just think it’s different when they are flying in to do a tune. Take “Neo Punk” — I get the sentiment, but I can name two dozen Dwarves songs that are better and they are like the 3rd or 4th wave punk depending upon how you count. Every Loser dips into the late ‘70s Bowie era with “Strung Out Johnny,” and it’s great! This is not a train wreck by any means but it’s not Fun House either. Which isn’t fair, because nothing is. I love the global warming-themed beat poetry of “New Atlantis.” And I love Iggy Pop, still, at 75 years young, one of the best performers in rock ‘n’ roll! 

The Benji’s — Kitty Pills (album)


We already covered the lead single in January, but that’s not even my favorite song. I do like the title track, as a cat person. I exchanged around 50 emails with lead vocalist/synth player Maryssa Morse about what kitty pills could be, and I’m still not really sure. It is probably better that way. Other tidbits discussed were that Morse formed the band in LA with guitarist Phillip Geronimo years before coming home to Rhode Island. Somehow Charlie Sheen entered the fray at one point but let’s stick to the dicey matter at hand, Kitty Pills. I love “Skate!” it sounds like a summer lament. “Bad Sign” is a timeless rock ‘n’ roll slow jam from whatever era you please. Kitty Pills sounds amazing… props to producer Jeff Robbins (123 Astronaut/ Orbit) and drummer Adam Cargin. Three years in the making, Kitty Pills is more than worth the wait! I’d recommend Kitty Pills over Every Loser, but they are both out on the streaming service of your pleasure. Look out for The Benji’s, one of my favorite local live bands!

Public Image Ltd. – “Hawaii” (single)

The cool thing about having this job is sometimes you can do whatever you want. But when I heard this for the first time, it felt like a bridge too far. Yes, I know the backstory of John (Johnny Rotten) Lydon’s wife having Alzheimer’s. I’ve had pictures of him on my wall since 1987 – some would say ten years after his prime, but not me, Jack. I interviewed him in these pages and he couldn’t have been more gracious. The subtle beauty of this track grows with each listen. There are surf guitars, meditation, prayers — it’s just fucking beautiful. Give it a chance, God save Nora Lydon.