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Blood on the Tracks

Detroit Rebellion – Fake News

Detroit Rebellion returns with their third album, Fake News, that rolls through the night like a hayride through the Americana apocalypse. Detroit Rebellion has always been about fuzzed-out blues, somewhere between Robert Johnson and The Gun Club. That carries on with Fake News, but they also added ’60s psychedelic, garage, and stoner rock to a beatnik poetry slam and poured it into the party blender. Take the tune “Doom and Gloom,” for example. It sounds like John Lee Hooker meets no wave with machete-esque lyrics like: “I love your perfume, it smells like doom and gloom.” To me, Fake News is more of a commentary on the past couple of years than a “political” record. It’s a world of mass shootings, corruption, and batshit conspiracies that birthed Fake News and those themes echo through the melody and angst. The title track turned out to be one of my favorites, managing to be ridiculously infectious while the lyrics are all about conspiracies. “Yellow Teeth” bursts with ’60s psychedelia while “They Ate All Your Pie” is so damn menacing. Another one of my favorites is “How Long Before You Turn on Me,” which reminds me of the MC5 jamming with The Birthday Party. Check out Detroit Rebellion for yourself on Bandcamp and the other streaming services. The video for “Laws of Attraction” is also up online at:


Coming Attractions:

9th Annual Holiday Benefit Cover Shows 

An annual tradition returns to benefit the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. These benefit shows are holiday staples. Where else can one go to hear a set of Fugazi followed by a set of Abba? Likely only Askew on Dec 10, baby! In the past, I feel like they’ve announced which bands were performing the cover sets. They haven’t this year, but I have heard an informed rumor that the Brother Kite are doing the Tom Petty set, which is perfect – because they sound nothing like Tom Petty. Maybe it’s mostly “supergroups” of musicians coming together for a one-off set or maybe they just ran out of room on the poster – guess we’ll all have to go to find out! 

Night One goes down at Askew in PVD on Dec 10 with local musicians performing  Abba, Fugazi, Green Day, and Goo Goo Dolls cover sets. 

Night Two is at Alchemy in PVD on Dec 16 and features local musicians doing covers of No Doubt, Tom Petty, Alanis Morisette, and The Killers. There will be raffles with prizes donated by local businesses to add to the festivities and it is all for a great cause!

The Smithereens with Marshall Crenshaw

The Smithereens have reigned as sultans of power pop for over 40 years. I can still remember hearing “Only a Memory” on the radio coming home from middle school. While the entire world has changed, when you listen to a Smithereens record, it doesn’t seem all so different. Of course, there are some changes: Sadly, singer Pat DiNizio passed several years ago, but Marshall Crenshaw has stepped up to fill the void. Expect a mix of Crenshaw’s material with The Smithereens bangers in what promises to be a great night of rock ‘n’ roll hoochie koo.

The Smithereens with Marshall Crenshaw rock the Greenwich Odeum in East Greenwich on Dec 10.

Lightning Bolt

Local noise gods Lightning Bolt return what promises to be a romp through clandestine rhythm-powered feedback. Seeing Lightning Bolt live is an intense trip. It’s like watching a band rip through the wilds of urban wastelands in one giant sonic boom. It always seems like they are hunting down something that is just out of reach. I never know how much or how little to say about Lightning Bolt. If you’ve seen them or know the whole Fort Thunder legend, you don’t need my words. I’m just here to tell you it is happening. 

Lightning Bolt and babybaby_explores will rock the Met Cafe in Pawtucket on Dec 14. 

They Might Be Giants

The Johns in They Might Be Giants return to the Strand with their quirky indie rock to get you ready to kiss this miserable year adieu. They Might Be Giants have a fascinating discography. They have released over twenty albums throughout their 40 years as a band. I’ve always been partial to their earlier stuff like “Alienation’s for the Rich,” “Rhythm Section Want Ad, We’re The Replacements, ” and of course their smash hit, “Birdhouse in your Soul.” They’ll probably only play the latter but there isn’t such a thing as a bad They Might Be Giants record. They put on a great show and will have your New Year’s Eve’s Eve poppin’!

They Might Be Giants return to The Strand Theatre in Providence on Dec 30 to get you ready to ring in the New Year.

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