Corey Finkle

The Gamm’s JQA Provides Hope in Tumultuous Times

No matter what side of the political aisle you prefer, I think everyone would agree that we’re living through a truly astonishing moment right now. With partisanship, populism and acrimony coursing through every single day, it certainly feels like our country is facing truly unprecedented challenges, and it’s understandable to wonder if it can withstand […]

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The Players at Barker Have it and Flaunt it with a Pleasing Producers

In a note that’s found in the program for The Players’ new production of The Producers, director Christopher Margadonna expresses some hesitation about mounting this production in our current political climate. “Will the jokes land? Will people think this is too offensive?” he wonders. I found myself thinking a similar thing as I took my […]

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