Fungi Foraging, Finagling, and Feasting: Mushroom foraging in RI

When early humans first embraced the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, there was a lot of experimentation (along with parental disapproval and conservative condemnation; it was practically the ’60s). Tools like sharpened sticks, vine ropes, and big rocks made the hunting part a little easier, but there were only verbal resources for finding out what berries were delicious […]

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Village Restaurant: Nigerian Flavor Meets Down-Home Vibe

On a cold Tuesday, my friend David and I headed out to try the newly-opened Village Restaurant at 100 Fountain Street in Providence, which features authentic Nigerian cuisine. Toyin Wilcox founded the Village Restaurant more than 10 years ago in Pawtucket (200 Main St). She has now expanded to Providence, bringing her passion for sharing and […]

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Purveying the Sweet and the Sarcastic: Two bakeries on the rise

This business profile ran as part of Motif’s Black History Month issue, centering the experiences of Black business owners. Alaska-native Nina Reed received her culinary degree from J&W over a decade ago, focusing on baking and pastries. After graduating, she returned to Alaska to complete her internship, but her love of RI and the solid […]

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