Hit the Bricks: Former liquor store owner opens the first “intellectual bar in Cranston”

After 12 years of running Darwin Liquors on Benefit Street, George Darwin couldn’t predict another venture was waiting for him as he locked up his shop for the very last time.  “[I] sold the store in 2018. Got bored — simple as that! You have to pay bills. You have to make money. You have to […]

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Local Profile: Fill ‘er Up: Elevated comfort food abounds at Huck’s Filling Station

I was mindlessly watching Instagram stories when @getyourfill crossed my view, and I had to press my finger to the screen to keep the image from disappearing. It showed someone’s tattoo, a creative rendering of one of my life’s mottos: IF NOTW  TWHEN. They had my attention. I lifted my finger and allowed the story […]

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A Quiet Place: Contract worker seeks cafe with good vibes and plenty of outlets

Hey all you freelancers, telecommuters, authors and entrepreneurs. Let’s admit it: It’s hard for us Providence café enthusiasts to find a nice place to write a blog that will launch us to stardom, pen the next great American novel or iron out a million-dollar business idea that isn’t completely overrun by copycats trying to do […]

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Locale Profile: Ellie’s Bistro: From Paris to Providence

“In a sea of Providence’s Italian bakeries, we are the only French bakery — but that’s not to take anything away from our neighbors,” says Alane  Spinney, the “Den Mother” of Ellie’s, having been around since the bakery’s opening day in January 2013. “If you want a cannoli, go to Scialo bakery on Federal Hill. […]

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