Groove to the Music

Did you know the Earth emits frequencies? It has a vibrational beat. Even though we can’t feel it, there is a confirmed relationship between the Earth’s resonance and the human brain. The human mind, in its relaxed Theta state, moves to the same beat that the Earth pulses to without effort. Everything around us is made up of frequencies and vibrations. Every planet has a harmonic signature. Quite simply, we live in a musical universe. But the real question is, are you in tune with your own planet? If you aren’t, how do you get there?

Music might just be the answer. There’s nothing like live music. No matter the genre, every performance evokes an emotional response. Music is something we all can appreciate.  Even infants move to a well-played beat. We are part of the earth, part of this universe, and harmony is the storyline to our tale. Several nights a week, I expose my soul to a live performance.  Some people might find this excessive, but how many hours do most spend with their HD cable stream? A number of people have forgotten that live music holds something incredible that will connect you to others without effort. The amazing thing is that it’s available almost every night, no matter where you live.

I recently listened to Fungus Amungus’ drummer, Joe Jannarelli, go on a seemly endless and epic solo at the Max Creek Family Picnic in West Warwick. The crowd moved, smiled and enjoyed his symbiotic relationship to the tool of his talent. This band has been around and evolving over the past decade, with different members transitioning over time. There’s an evolving funk scene in Rhode Island and Fungus has assisted in its development.  Seeking other feel-good jam music? Local bands like Daddie Long Legs and Viral Sound only continue to gain fans and expand their popularity, and catching them live is the best way to appreciate what they do. Only once you see them can you acknowledge the happiness music brings. When the music hits you, you feel no pain. The earth softly plays her harmonic melody and these great bands amplify her song by exposing their inner creativity. In New England, there’s a ton of musical talent. How do we draw in other bands to foster, support and inspire our local musicians? Bands like Dopapod make songs that touch the edge of curiosity.  But how do we keep them coming back to this fine little state? That’s easy – we pay attention to them. Anything you pay attention to grows. That’s the secret of life.


So, when did you see your last show? When did you dance so hard it hurt the next day? Live music will feed your soul and support your own creativity. So come out sometime.  Funk is my therapy. Find the music you like and it will change your existence. After all, we live in a musical universe.