IMBIBE: The City of Compton


Clean, Simple, and Delicious

Perhaps one day this July you’ll find yourself rollin’ down Broadway on the West Side in search of something green. Perhaps green’s on your mind because it’s 80 degrees. Or because your mind’s on green. Whichever. You need a cocktail, stat.

Luckily you see a D-O-G in the distance. What? Cocktail drinker, please. Follow the star and sit. At the bar of Broadway Bistro. If you’re lucky you’ll meet the talented and lovely Emily Costa. Now this bartender knows what she’s doin’.


Sit back and relax. Something verdantly refreshing is about to come your way.

When asked about her pale green,

quenching concoction, Emily grins and says, “I was looking for something clean, simple and delicious.” But. She tops it with a crack of black pepper. Sounds odd. Looks intriguing. Tastes even better. “Like a summer salad, but in a drink.”

So raise your cup like this and like that to July’s cocktail.

What: The City of Compton

Found Where: Broadway Bistro

Go Get:
3 slices of cucumber
A small dash of simple syrup
2-3 oz. Death’s Door Gin
1 oz. grapefruit juice
Freshly ground black pepper

Muddle the cucumber with that dash of simple syrup in a shaker. Add ice and pour over the rest of the ingredients. Clos’er up and shake it like you mean it.

Serve up in a martini glass and top with a light dusting of freshly ground black pepper.

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