RHD-RI Serves Up Pizza World


The Cool Collective Presents an Exciting Multi-Media Experience

The Cool Collective from the Resources for Human Development-Rhode Island (RHD-RI) presents an original play, Pizza World for one weekend only on Friday, June 6 at 7pm and Saturday, June 7 at 2pm at 95 Empire Street, Providence. An exciting, multi-media presentation, in development since last September, “Pizza World” is the story of a body’s journey through alternative realities filled with paranoia, existential crises and pizza. Adrienne Berry, who currently oversees this particular division of the RHD in Rhode Island says, “It’s very exciting to see this performed. We’re looking forward to the audience reaction.”


The script, music, video, costumes and light design are all the creative work of the artist members of the RHD’s Cool Collective. Resources for Human Development – Rhode Island (RHD-RI) is a non-profit, arts-based day program that serves people with disabilities. However, in the Cool Collective, all of the members identify themselves as artists, musicians and actors. Their belief is that “art breaks the barriers that separate people with and without disabilities.”  This multi-faceted organization also runs many other programs that serve a younger demographic and even provides members with help searching for employment.

“All our work is client-driven,” shares Berry. “It’s amazing to see what talents they have when given this kind of freedom. They even built the set pieces.” A small, devoted staff helps to facilitate the work done by the Cool Collective. At each creative session, the group critiques its own work making suggestions and changes. Their work space is in Pawtucket, but they have collaborated with AS220’s Black Box to perform in the 95 Empire space in downtown Providence.

The all-ages event on June 6 and 7 will include a room for psychic readings, a chance to meet with the performers and artists, and a gallery display of art that will include sale items. A soundtrack of the music from Pizza World will be available for purchase, along with refreshments. Proceeds will go to support the Outsider Artists of RHD-RI. Seating is limited; tickets are a suggested $10 on a sliding scale. Buy tickets at or at the door.

According to Berry, the group has already collaborated with other organizations such as the Dirt Palace in Olneyville and AS220 in Providence at which they currently have an artist in residence. Berry hopes to form collaborations with many more groups and organizations, eventually to have a statewide network that support a similar mission. Currently the RHD-RI serves over 100 clients in three locations.

Their website contains an amazing amount of information, and is well-organized. Brimming with detail about their work and services, it is easy to navigate. For more information about the program, to volunteer or to make a contribution of goods, please visit their website at They can also be found on Facebook.