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Last Place Chaim Ringing the Oktober Chimes
The Red Sox limp to another last place finish like a scolded dog. It’s kind of amazing how ownership and general manager Chaim Bloom have managed to burn the once fervent passion for the Sox like a Canadian wildfire. The Patriots are wallowing in a mudpack of mediocrity trying to win like it’s 1994, with predictable results. On the positive side, it’s not an election year and there are a ton of great shows coming to town this fall. So get out there and I’ll see you in the pit!

Coming Attractions:
Dead Boys
Dead Boys emerged from the ashes of Rocket From The Tombs in Cleveland in the mid-’70s to give rock & roll a black eye. Their debut album, Young, Loud, and Snotty, is still one of the best punk records ever made. Sadly, time has taken its toll on the Dead Boys. Singer Stiv Bators has been literally dead for 30 years. Two other original members no longer tour. The only original member on this tour, guitarist Cheetah Chrome, still shreds like the boogieman. I highly recommend his autobiography which takes you through the highs and lows of rock & roll and addiction. I caught the Dead Boys last time they were in town, believe it was 2019, and they absolutely slayed. Some cool supporting bands open up the bill including my forever favs, Midnight Creeps! So get there early! I also love that the event page took a blurb from a bio I wrote for the Creeps over 20 years ago – never thought anything I’d write would be in circulation that long.
Dead Boys, GLiDER, Midnight Creeps, and ONE FALL bring the punk & roll to Alchemy on September 28.


Dead Boys.

Rejects Oktoberfest
Who doesn’t love a weekend of music, brauts, and craft beer? I’ll start: sober, hearing-impaired, vegans. That would be my first guess if this were “Family Feud.” If you don’t fall into all of those camps, head down to Aquidneck Island for Rejects Beer’s Oktoberfest September 30 through October 1. Among the bands playing, I’ve been a fan of We Own Land, She Rides, and The McGunks for years. I also recently caught Salem Wolves; good stuff!

Rejects Beer Oktoberfest goes down 2 – 7pm on September 30 and 2 – 6pm on October 30 at Rejects Beer in Middletown. On Saturday The Patsy Decline, The Edward Glenn Band, We Own Land, She Rides, and Salem Wolves will be rocking the house. On Sunday catch Los Duderinos, The Roland Highlife, The Smelltones, and The McGunks, reeling and a rockin’ all day long.

Alternative ’90s megastars Belly return home with a special show at Fort Adams to kick off Rocktober! Belly had a megahit in the ’90s with “Feed The Tree” and to this day hold the distinction of being the last RI band to grace the cover of Rolling Stone, for the release of their sophomore album, King. I caught Belly in 2016/2017 when they first reunited at one of their Newport warmup shows and they sounded great! It’s like a roller coaster of nostalgia as Belly breathes new life into the jams from their first two albums. Since reuniting, Belly has released an album of new material (Dove) and a B-side collection (Bees). They are currently working on a new album which hopefully will see the light of day next year.
Belly, The Parkington Sisters, and The Glare rock Fort Adams in Newport. The show starts at 6pm, Oct 1. I believe this is advance tickets only.

Oktoberfest (PVD edition)
If you’re looking for an Oktoberfest in Providence with loud music, Dusk has you covered! There will be 14 bands alternating from playing in- and out-doors all day and all night, as The Kinks once sang. Bands playing here that I’d like to catch include Exploding Zones, All Stars (covering ABBA), and Malice in Chains, among others.
Oktoberfest goes down on October 7 at Dusk in Providence. The event starts at 2pm and features performances by Tung, Dred Buffalo, Joudy, Exploding Zones, All Stars, Neglected Witches, Fine, Cannibal Ramblers, Dept. of Teleportation, Blaspemaddicts, Right of Revolution, Maidenhead, Malice in Chains, and A Truth Divides.

Smokey Robinson

The incomparable Smokey Robinson is still kicking out the jams at the age of 83. The former Miracles frontman and R&B legend doesn’t come around that often, so this is a show not to be missed. Where else are you going to be in a room with a couple thousand people singing along to “Tears of a Clown” without joining a doomsday cult?
Smokey Robinson brings his Music and Memories tour to the Providence Performing Arts Center on October 7.

Bob Mould
Bob Mould has been cranking out bangers for over 40 years with no end in sight. Whether it’s his work in seminal bands like Husker Du and Sugar or his solo career, the one constant in Mould’s songs is that they always feel like the truth. Never afraid to take a stand, I’ve seen him kick out a heckler at the Narrows in Fall River. When I asked Mould about that last year, ever the gentleman, he pointed out he gave the guy double his money back to leave. Mould is performing solo but by no means is this a quiet acoustic affair. Mould will be playing electric and his singing style isn’t exactly subdued. His solo sets generally span his whole career. This show is upstairs at the Columbus which means fewer seats – so don’t snooze because you might lose when it comes to buying tickets. As an added treat, I hear he is road-testing new material for his next album!
Bob Mould and Jason Narducy will rock you to the rafters at the Columbus Theatre on October 10.

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