AltFacts: Cranston Commies in Converse: Kids demand to do whatever they want

Introducing the CCCP (Cranston Children Communist Party) As the public schools crisis continues to grip the state, the children of Rhode Island have taken matters into their own hands. On September 2, a pre-organized underground mob of 1,500 fourth graders stormed school buildings across Rhody and declared a coup in the name of communism and […]

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Phillipe & Jorge’s Cool, Cool World: Three for the Price of One: Big changes in little Rhody

Hail and Farewell Phillipe and Jorge are not yet about to bury our old pal Bill Reynolds, The Urinal’s reigning top sports columnist and author of many books, but are sad to see that he will now only be doing his Saturday “For What It’s Worth” pieces. For any fan of the Sweaty Sciences, these […]

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A First Person Account of the Wyatt Detention Center Protest

Pepper spray is an amazing crowd dispersant – I can attest to that. My wife and I took part in the recent rally in Central Falls to shut down the Wyatt Detention Center, where Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) incarcerates victims of the vile and racist Monstrosity in Chief’s immigration plan.   The Wyatt Detention Center is […]

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AltFacts: Big Happenings in Little Rhody: Perhaps willy freeing is a new summer trend

Saving People Money (So They Can Shoot Better) We’ve all been there. Coming home from a long day at work, only a couple of hours before bed, but you still need to stock up on firearms so you can shoot the shit out of the minorities, immigrants, teachers and children threatening the integrity of this […]

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Philippe & Jorge’s Cool, Cool World: Don’t Bet on it, Gigi!: They can’t help the scheming — it’s cultural

Keeping Tradition Alive Kudos to Governor Gig Raimondo for keeping the grand tradition of sleaze in Little Rhody politics alive and well. Gigi’s attempted 20-year, $1 billion casino deal with IGT is a tribute to the worst aspects of local political scheming. It features all the hallmarks of the corruption that is The Biggest Little’s […]

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Phillipe & Jorge’s Cool, Cool World: You Talkin’ to Me? Your superior correspondents wonder who the target is

Dumb and Dumber Phillipe and Jorge have been intrigued by the fight between big media boys CBS and AT&T, which has led to AT&T’s DirectTV dropping CBS programming from its available channels. Since P&J have Cox, we don’t have a dog in this fight, and because we, along with the bulk of the American public, […]

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