Cranston Artists’ Exchange Celebrates Its Own Community with “Our Town” Play

While Our Town is a Pulitzer Prize winning classic, its simplicity belies its depth. The Artists’ Exchange, under the mature direction of Rich Morra, reminds us of the messages Thorton Wilder intended. The play is set in the early 1900s, yet as always with well-written stories, there are universal truths that are everlasting. Of course, there are […]

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Dance Up Close

While spring serves as a welcoming prelude to summer, it is also ripe with wonderful symbolism: rebirth, fertility and growth. Thus Festival Ballet Providence is opening the spring portion of their season with the popular Up Close On Hope dance series. This latest installment consists of 10 pieces, six world premieres, and features many of […]

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Body Awareness Brings a Modern Family’s Struggles to the Surface

The darkness that accompanies a scene change in a play forgives many sins. On stage, silhouettes break character and move, settings are rearranged, and costumes changed. In the audience, programs are consulted, stifled coughs are let free, and critics scribble furiously in low light, hoping their witticisms will be legible the next morning. Every so […]

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