COVID-19 Update

Hospitalizations: 222

Positive Tests: 14,494

Deaths: 677 (+2)

ICU: 53

On Ventilators: 36

Stuff to Do


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Paying the Freight

Wickford Junction proves a costly startup project From Route 102 in North Kingstown the 4-story building it’s hard to miss. A clock-tower overlooks brand new entrance roads, fresh landscaping and a gleaming glass elevator. The brand-new Wickford Junction commuter rail station is impressive. And it should be, with a price tag of $44 million taxpayer […]

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Leith’s ‘Coincidence Engine’ Digs Deep, Dark

Somewhere, the spirit of Douglas Adams is crying foul over Sam Leith’s new novel The Coincidence Engine. Lifting from the Hitchhiker books Adams’ infinite improbability drive is a far more venial sin than abandoning the promising screwball comedy of the novel’s first half for a much deeper, darker, and incongruous exploration of the characters that […]

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